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Newborn Photography Uncovered

What is the best age to photograph a newborn baby?

Most photographers who specialise in capturing images of newborns will suggest that a session during the first two weeks of life is the ideal time.

We agree, but we also allow a little more time because we understand a new mother may need a week or two to adjust to her new role. In our opinion, the best time to capture portraits of your newborn baby is when they are between one and four weeks old.

Why photograph babies so early?

During the first few weeks of life, babies retain a ‘womb-like’ shape. They curl up and love to stay as warm and snug as possible. Gorgeous foetal-like positions are more achievable, and we can capture this delicate, never repeated stage. Newborn babies are often in a dream-like state and, with the perfect conditions provided at our studio, are more likely to sleep through the shoot.

Within a few weeks, babies begin to stretch their limbs and uncurl; they become more alert and less sleepy. This can make it a little harder to capture those classic newborn poses. Difficult, but not impossible, every baby is different.

Why is newborn photography so special?

There is nothing else like newborn photography. Babies grow and change so fast; the first couple of weeks of life are fleeting. You only have a tiny window to capture these precious moments so they can last forever. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Lifeworks Newborn photography


What makes a newborn photography session successful?

Our years of experience, combined with our genuine patience and care, will ensure your newborn photography session is safe, stress-free and successful.

It is essential that the parents and the photographer are as prepared and relaxed as possible. Babies can sense anxiety, so finding an experienced photographer that you are comfortable with is very important.

Lifeworks Newborn photography

Do you photograph older babies?

We know that not all parents want pictures of tiny curled up babies. Some want their child to be more alert during the shoot. We understand.

Please note that babies under ten weeks are generally unable to focus on distant objects. This inability to focus can give the baby a glazed over look; this is natural and expected at this age.

We certainly do photograph older babies. They are a little more filled out than newborns but just as gorgeous. Usually, from 12 weeks, babies are waking up from their naps and giving you the most delightful smiles, this is a very precious stage to capture.

Can you photograph my older children?

At Lifeworks Photography, we specialise in photographing children of all ages. We know the angles and positions that will help us create wonderful images, no matter how old the child.

Our clients often return to have their second and third babies photographed at the same “time” as their siblings. This ensures your collection of family photos is similarly matched, and enjoyable to share.

We also offer some truly unique (Trademarked) art styles to give your images an artistic, timeless appeal.

Why are professional photographs necessary?

We understand your baby is gorgeous and you want to photograph them at every moment. We also know that in this age of iPhones you can, and do, take dozens of pictures a day!

Professional photos will always be a treasured addition to remembering the amazing moments of babyhood. A professional photographer can capture all the tiny details a quick snap cannot.

The tender connection between you and your baby is almost impossible to catch if you are always the one with the camera.



Do you offer any special photography projects?

It is great to professionally capture the milestones your child goes through in their first 5 years, and beyond. However, we find the following ages and stages reveal such rapid development; they are a must to document in photographs:

  • Newborn and 3 months (first smiles)
  • 6 – 9 months (pushing up, toes in mouth, sitting, crawling)
  • 1, 1.5, and 2 years (walking, talking, running).

Our Jigsaw® style is a great way to cleverly display all the close-up details of the tiny features you just adore. This look is modern, stylish, and captivating.

Our Angel Art styles are warm, soft, and delicately textured images that embrace all the beauty and innocence of childhood. This unique style is printed on the highest quality art paper or canvas, in a variety of different sizes and layouts to suit your home.

Our WatchMeGrow® packages are a fantastic way of recording the rapid developments and changes which occur during the first few years of life. Regular sessions capture these never to be forgotten milestones. The Lifeworks team undertakes this journey with you and your family, together we create something unique.

WatchMeGrow® Projects

Our WatchmeGrow® Album project consists of multiple photo sessions, throughout the first years of your child’s life. We produce a stunning album that reflects the rapid growth and incredible changes your child experiences in their first few years.

The first photo session may commence with your pregnancy or with your newborn between 1-4 weeks. We meet again when your child is 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.

We offer 12 and 24 month packages, and our most popular, 5 year package.

Many of our Lifeworks clients have stayed with us beyond the 5 years. Our very first WMG baby, now 18 years old is still photographed annually with his siblings. What an extraordinary way to document their lives!

All our WatchMeGrow® clients have continued this project with each additional child as they have arrived — a testament to how amazing these albums are. We have photographed hundreds of these albums since introducing them to our business over 18 years ago.

WMG 3,6,9,12 months


WatchMeGrow® Faces projects are incredible collages of your child’s facial expressions from newborn to 12 months. Our most popular consists of 5 faces per row, taken at newborn, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. The overall dimensions are 32” x 32” — a perfect statement piece for the wall that is sure to get everyone talking. Capturing expressions that are quirky, funny, and occasionally teary, as well as milestones (like first teeth), create a project which is true to the child and their individual personality.

Every client who has created a project has also completed one for each of their children. We have several clients with 2, 3, and 4 of these amazing collages on their walls. It’s incredible to see how much each child grows and changes.

As every child is unique and adorable at all ages, we believe the best time to photograph your child is now.

Give the Lifeworks Photography team a call on 03 9482 2006, and let us capture the forever images we know you will love.