Honour your pregnancy with a stunning portrait by Lifeworks Photography.

You only get a small window of opportunity to capture one of the most amazing, memorable, and unique times in a women’s life – pregnancy and early maternity.  The idea of being able to document a child’s journey even before they are born is incredibly exciting!
There are numerous ways to photograph this special time.  Here at Lifeworks Photography,  we love to creatively photograph these special moments in our indoor or outdoor studios in Northcote, an inner-northern suburb of Melbourne.
You are only pregnant with your child once, so why not honour this incredible time with a beautiful portrait?

We offer a variety of trademarked styles at Lifeworks Photography.  These are only available through our studio and were designed to create unique, timeless pieces of art for your home.  Many of the families we photograph return time and time again as their family grows.

Working out the best time to be photographed

We feel the best time to photograph expecting mothers is between 32-36 weeks when you feel well rounded, full of energy and radiating that motherly glow. There is something truly unique and beautiful about a pregnant woman – her glowing skin, luscious hair, and big round belly. It doesn’t get any more beautiful than that.


Our promise – to make you look and feel like the goddess you are!

Pregnancy photo


We specialise in creating flattering, gorgeous, feminine pregnancy photography.

With over 20 years’ experience, we are confident that we know the best angles, lighting, and props to show you at your best.  We also love trying out new creative ideas.

We have many wraps, fabrics and accessories to use in your shoot but you are more than welcome to bring along any items from home. If you want to incorporate your heritage, culture, or a significant object in your portrait, feel free to discuss your ideas with us at any time.

Lets not forget your partner.

Highlighting the mum-to-be by focusing on her belly and her changing body makes for beautiful photography, but we understand that it is also a special time for your partner.

There is nothing more sacred than the love between partners, especially when a new life is taking form. We like to include both parents as much as possible, portraying the love between you and for the little one growing inside.


Involve the whole family in your pregnancy/maternity portrait.

Including siblings in your pregnancy/maternity photos is always a lot of fun! It’s a great way to involve the whole family in this special time, and it adds to their excitement as they look forward to meeting their little brother or sister.


Booking in a session.

If you have loved what you have seen in this post and would like to see more of our portfolio, please get in touch and book in a consultation with the team. If you’re still unsure, take a peek at our article on newborn photography. Here a sneak peek; Or maybe twoOr three!