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A great headshot is what will separate you from the competition and help leave a lasting impression. Having a professional headshot front and centre of your promotional material, website, or album cover could mean the difference between landing that dream gig and being looked over. Without the luxury of meeting fans or potential clients face-to-face, you need to be able to make a memorable first impression through photography, to get you to that next level of engagement.

Our photographers are well versed in taking polished, captivating headshots that showcase your personality, style, and relatability. Taken in a setting of your choosing or the studio, we communicate the real ‘you’ through professional, creative photography.

To get the most out of a headshot photography session, you should be prepared to have fun, let go, and enjoy yourself. You will be guide through the process and we will work with you to get the right expressions and looks that you are after!

So contact Lifeworks Photography today and enquiry about our Headshot Photography and Musician Photography services. You can also enquiry on  03 9482 2006 or  info@lifeworksphotography.com.au.

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you’ll treasure for a lifetime.


Read some wonderful words from our happy customers.


“I had such a wonderful time, and I am so happy with every single photo. It was so hard to choose from so many great shots! “

– Alex

“Thank you for the wonderful day I had with you on our shoot. I had so much fun! The finish product is spectacular and your eye for detail is truly what brings these photos to life. Thank you for the amazing opportunity I am forever grateful,”

– Jasmine

“Super excited, I’ve just picked up my gorgeous photos, breathtaking, so amazing!”

– Kylie

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Contact the team today for portrait photography
you’ll treasure for a lifetime.