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Thinking of getting 6 months old photos done?

6 Month old photo session ideas – Lifeworks Photography

What kind of imagery can I expect if my child is 6 months old?

Are you thinking of getting professional photographs done?

This blog article is here to help you understand what type of imagery best captures your 6 month old!

So please read on …

Your baby is responding to your voice and your face, they are so excited to see you! They are still quite limited in positions they can hold but expressions really capture the personality of your child.

This is often the chubby, cute, smiley stage. Your baby will be reaching for toys, laughing, and some even sitting up by themselves! This is a great age to photograph.

It may be that you would like to add clothing to your little ones at this age. Babies tend not to require a lot of props to enhance photos or even clothing for that matter. So at a 6 months old photo session they still really suit being nude but adding clothing can be fun – your child’s personalities are really starting to shine, it’s nice to enhance this to make sure your little one is the centre of attention in any photo!


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If you have a special outfit given to you by friends or family, bring that along too!  Having a photo as a record of your child wearing a gift shows great appreciation and is a fantastic thank you gift.  At the moment it seems that your child is growing right before your eyes, it won’t be long before those special outfits are outgrown.

If you have your heart set on mostly sitting shots, we advise if your baby is not yet sitting up comfortably by themselves it may be best to wait a few extra weeks/months until that is possible.

Baby Photo 7 months


Please note that a child sitting up confidently without a parent’s help and having good balance is very important for unassisted sitting 6 month photos. If your child is only in the first week of mastering sitting up, they will be using a large amount of their concentration to balance and are not as relaxed as they could be to also be expressive. There is many other position your 6 month old is capable of.

Even when a child has been sitting for some time unassisted we always make sure we photograph in a safe environment and an assistant or parent is nearby to catch if the lean-to occurs!


Mother and Child photo


Your 6 month old will be most comfortable in a pre-heated indoor studio. Lots of variety can be created by changing backdrops, props and outfits. These choices can really change the feel of the photos, so understanding which images you find yourself connecting with most will really help the photographer understand the style of images you are after.


Baby photo 6 months

Love the outdoors and wanting a more natural outdoor feel? This can also work. As your child is not yet mobile, he or she will need to be held or propped up by a basket (or some other prop). We find that also once your child is on the move (walking) our outdoor setting work even better please see our “Family Photography” for more examples.

Family portraits can be done at any time, yes even when your child is having their 6 months old photo session.  At 6 months old they love receiving cuddles from their mum and dad.  Usually, your child will be in a nappy cover, or in a special outfit you have brought with you.

It is also a great time to be photographed with older siblings!


children outdoor photo shot


We believe children can be photographed at every age, as photographers we are limited only by your youngest child’s capabilities.

If you are wanting photographs of your child unassisted and bearing their own body weight completely, we advise you read our next blog on what to expect when photographing 9 month old children.  It may be that the type of imagery you are wanting will be more achievable when your child is slightly older.

Family Photo

We hope that this has been an informative blog about what to expect when getting your 6 month old photographed.  We would love to hear from you with any other question you may have regarding a session with Lifeworks Photography. Let us custom design a shoot that suits you and your family needs.

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